Skecth of the Free Comic Book Day!

So it was Free Comic Book Day yesterday, which ironically is when i spend all my money on comic books. Damn those 20% off sales! Me and my girlfriend went to Kings Comics for my comics and then to Kinokuniya to check out the Craft and Zine fair thingy they had going on.

It was freaking hectico. Kings was packed and i got overwhelmed and went blank on what i wanted to buy. Shikha got the Iron Man/Thor and Batman free issues and i got Doctor Solar/Magnus & Irredeemable/Incorruptable. (Irredeemable seems good. Might check out the collections. Mouse Guard as always is great. Those Mice are so freaking cool! Iron man/Thor was a little disappointing. I feel like JRjr was not doing his best work there. And Doctor Solar & Magnus were just ok. Still, all free so good haul!)

Then we got more from Kino! And saw Darth Vader! And Harley Quinn! And a bunch of other cosplayers! The Zine fair was pretty small and heavy on the craft. Again, overwhelmingly packed so we grabbed a few more trades (can't wait to read that Unknown Soldier) and got outta there.

The Harley Quinn at Kino looked fantastic, but i have to say this is still the coolest Harley Quinn i've ever seen...

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hqhaven said...

That Harley Quinn was me! And I'm comics-accurate! ;)