A Tale of Two Cities

Last week i went to reverse garbage in Marrickville and found this amazing copy of A tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens. For 50c!

I haven't read this before but have always wanted to (probably cause it pops up in a few X-Men comics), but the main reason i'm so happy with this copy (other than it looking so cool and old), is because it's accompanied by some great Illustrations...

These are done by one Harry Kier, who i've never heard of before but i really enjoy his work here.

There's a bunch of colour splash page ones and then the usual b&w drawings with the text.

They're all quite good.

This edition was printed in 1949, though it looks older to me. And inside the cover there's a message
"To Diane,
With Happy Memories,
From Gloria

I thought this was a freaking great buy for 50c and i'm very much looking forward to reading it.

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