Home Made Folio!

So i've applied for the digital Illustration course at Design Centre Enmore. It's supposed to be a fantastic course, but it's extremely competitive and this year they're only taking 1 class of 15!

I had to go sit a 2hr drawing test, which was a little nerve racking cause i'm not fantastic at drawing under pressure (although that's obviously something i have to get over in this line of work). And while we are all sitting the test the teachers are supposed to review our portolios aswell.

I've never had a hard copy portfolio before, only web based. As graphic design is a big part of the course too i wanted to deliver a whole creative package so i took this opportunity to try and put together a portfolio/artbook. Thought it might help mine stand out from the crowd. Plus my mum's been doing a book binding course so i knew she could help me make it look real nice. Here's some photos of what i produced:

I'm really happy with it! The paper looks and feels really nice and it flows pretty well.

The test was good too. There wasn't any interviews or anything so i dunno what the teachers thought of my book, and i didn't get a chance to see much other people's work so it's hard to know how i stacked up. I did catch of glimpse of this girl's illustration from the test and it looked pretty amazing.

Won't find out until December whether i've made it or not so now i wait. Wish me luck!

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Anonymous said...

awesome work mate, wish u all the best!