Top 10 covers from DC's September Solicits...

DC have released the covers and solicitation info for September, which you can see here. Always a good batch of inspiring artworks to be found and the following are my top 10 covers in no particular order...

Unwritten #29 by Yuko Shimizu

Old school Pulp greatness, not to mention that "poison" quote. Yuko Shimizu's covers for this series have been outstanding from the get-go.

Action Comics
Action Comics #1 by Rags Morales

A great and very intriguing homage to the original Action Comics cover.

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Frankenstein: Agent of S.H.A.D.E #1 by J.G. Jones

Frankenstein with a sword and a gattling gun. Plus that 4 armed girl looks awesome!

DMZ #69 by John Paul Leon

I haven't read past the 2nd volume of this series yet, waiting to find a good deal on the following trades, but this cover immediately made me want to re-read and catch up on this series.

Justice League
Justice League #1 by Jim Lee & Scott Williams

While not really that interesting of a cover, the fact that it's Jim Lee, a brand new Justice League, and Aquaman's in there, hits all the right fanboy notes for me.

Legion of Super Heroes #1 by Karl Kerschl

I really like the colours in this, and it has a real nice flow to it.

All Star Superman
All Star Superman TPB by Frank Quitely

I remember when the first released the image for this the sky was bluer, and i think i liked it that way more. Still a fantastic cover for a fantastic series.

Sweet Tooth
Sweet Tooth #25 by Jeff Lemire

Makes me think of the Lion King scene.

Hellblazer #283 by Simon Bisley

This one kind of speaks for itself yeah.

And my favourite cover of the month...
Scalped #53 by Jock

Jock you're awesome.

Also the Aquaman #1 and Batman & Robin #1 covers that were in my last post are awesome too. Should post up my top 10 covers from Marvels solicits in the next couple of days. Spilt coffee on my keyboard so i gotta buy a new one so i can get onto my comp. Soo annoying!

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