Top 10 Marvel covers for Sep...

Here are my top 10 fav covers from Marvel's September Solicitations, which you can read all of here.

Criminal: Last of the Innocents #4 by Sean Philips
What a babe!

Moon Knight
Moon Knight #5 by Alex Maleev
I like the textures in this, the white area is especially pleasing.

Ultimate Spider-Man
Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #1 by Kaare Andrews
This new costume ain't really doing it for me, but this is a really dynamic cover.

Wolverine: Debt of Death #1 by David Aja

Daredevil #3 by Paolo Rivera
So simple, and so nice.

Shang Chi
Spider Island: Deadly Hands of Kung Fu #2 by Sebastian Fiumara
Spooky & sticky & spidery & Shang-Chi-y.

Uncanny X-Force #15 by Esad Ribic
The colours in this are fantastic.

X-Factor #225 by David Yardin
Good mysterious cover, and very atmospheric.

X-Men Schism
X-Men Schism #4 by Alan Davis
I dunno who to go for...

X-23 #14 by Kalman Andrasofszky
The colours work so nicely here and Thing looks beastly!

That's it for this month's covers...

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