This weeks Ozcomics theme is Sandman. I knew straight away Death would play a big part in mine.
I decided on using the umbrella as an overall shape for the image and went for it. Still hadn't fully decided what i wanted to put in the umbrella. Maybe Dream or another of the Endless?
Once i finished Death i didn't want to try and draw on to the same drawing especially with those finicky umbrella parts so i scanned it in, printed out the basic shape as a guide and tried to put all of the Endless in there.
Combined the two in PS, added some colour. Pretty happy with this one. It's funny how once you finally decide something's finished you start noticing things you want to fix. That's the good thing about these weekly challenges, you figure stuff out. Sometimes while you're drawing and sometimes after it's finished. But you know for next time.

There's a ton of great entries this week already. Go on over and have a look and like your favourites!

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