Alright time for my top 10 covers for comics coming from Dark Horse, Image, DC or Marvel in March 2012. Click on the companies to go see the full solicitations. Lot's of great artwork to look at, this was an especially hard month to cull to 10. All credit & copyright for these belong to their respecitive publishers, click on the artists name to go their websites ... let's get on with it...

It would have to be intimidating as fuck following James Jean on covers for Fables, but Ruas has not only maintained that level of quality, he's surpassed it on occasion. And i love that his works have evoked that same kind of Fables cover feel that JJ established, but it's all distinctly his own style. This is a beautiful cover.
Fables #115 by Joao Ruas

Really digging the style here, colours are great and i love the figures.
John Carter: The Gods of Mars #1 by Julian Totino Tedesco

Seems like Daredevil is destined to be in here every month, cause it just keeps getting better and better. Check out Paolo Rivera's blog linked above, it's a fantastic read and very informative.
Daredevil #10 by Paolo Rivera
Check out this time lapse of the cover in process...

Another series constantly in here, and with JH Williams III and Amy Reeder working on it it's no wonder why. Such a cool cover.
Batwoman #7 by Amy Reeder

I'm very excited for this GN. Written by Chip Kidd (Graphic Designer who's done some great work in comics, and also a huge Batman fan) and Illustrated by Dave Taylor, everything i've seen and read make this sound like a unique Batman tale and this cover reflects that perfectly. Click here to read more about this project.
Batman Death by Design by Dave Taylor

Yep. Both covers from Unwritten this month because they're both freakin' great. They'll have to release a Unwritten cover art book when there's enough because they're all pretty much stunning.
Unwritten #35.5 by Yuko Shimizu
Unwritten #35 by Yuko Shimizu

I really dug Steve Skroce's work back in the day (90's!), especially his later work on Wolverine. Feel like i haven't seen him on anything in ages but, good to see his work again and it's looking better than ever. This colouring really suits his style. Great Darrow-esque grittiness to this.
Avengers X-Sanction #4 by Steve Skroce

Probably the comic i'm most excited for this year. Brian K Vaughn is one of my fave writers and though i hadn't seen Fiona Staples art before, everything i've seen so far looks amazing. This is a wonderful first issue cover. Classic character shot but packed with little bits of information about these guys and what situation they might be in. There's been a tad bit of controversy over this cover over the past few days, specifically the breast feeding part. Completely ridiculous.
Saga #1 by Fiona Staples

This book rules. I've only read the first issue, but it was great! Gotta get my hands on the rest! Hands! Get it?
Lil' Depressed Boy #12 by Sina Grace

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