I am no fan of Collage. There's tons of great of Collage art out there that i think is amazing and am flabbergasted by it's beauty, but me doing collage? Nuh uh. Everything sticks to my fingers, there's mess everywhere. Never enjoyed it.

So last year when we had to do a Collage project, in which we had to pick a reference image (photo or artwork) to recreate, i thought i should pick something that i would be really excited about. Y: The Last Man is one of my all time favourite comic book series. It's amazing, from start to finish and the final issue is one of the few comics that will make me cry like a baby. And it's got a fantastic cover by Italian Illustrator Massimo Carnevale. As you can see below, with my attempt at collage. (click for larger view)

The whole time i was working on it, it looked like a complete mess. Really bad. Thanks to everyone's encouraging words though i soldiered on and it actually ended up coming out okay! Unfortunately i didn't get time to finish it, and it certainly didn't make me wanna do anymore collages, but i was quite happy with this in the end.

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