My Supergirl illustration for this weeks OzComics Challenge. I've not read a lot of Supergirl comics, but from what i've seen in animated stuff (JLU, Superman Batman: Apocalypse), i've always liked how much of a regular teenage girl she is. I can imagine her chilling out in the sky catching up on all the books teens are reading these days... at super-speed of course. Couldn't bring myself to put Twilight in there though.

I've got two versions of this one. I was originally working with a textured background with more sky details, but i felt the solid block of colour gave her more of a weight and a sense of "sky" space...

Though now i've kinda gone back to liking the textured version more. Not sure. What do you reckon?

Also thinking of putting some prints of this together for Comic Gong and to sell online, anyone interested?

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