The theme for OzComics over the last week has been The Shining, which is really a great theme. Very visually stimulating and just a fantastic movie, full of iconic moments to draw inspiration from.

I knew straight away i wanted to draw Shelley Duvall cause she's got a great "terror" face and i always remember that scene where she's backing up the stairs with the baseball bat, and says she's "very confused right now" (which always makes me chuckle a bit, i'd be confused too). Looking through some images of the film, i had the idea of including the type into the axe and went from there.

I did the pencils, especially around her face,  really quickly and loosely which helped capture the emotion and likeness quite well i think.

Wanted to use a very simple colour scheme to guide the eye through the image. Really drive home that terror on her face.
Overall quite happy with how this one came out :)
Check out the other entries here. It's a great group this week.

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