Felt like working on something fast and fun this morning to loosen up. Chose American Vampire (Pearl in particular) as a subject because it's an amazing comic book series & Rafael Albuquerque's work on the series is incredible and inspiring. If you haven't read it, do it.

Started out with a quick sketch to get my overall image, trying to get everything in as fast as possible at this stage with as much energy & expression as possible.
Initial rough
With inks i'm refining the details/lighting/proportion etc. but always trying to maintain as much of that energy that was in the initial sketch as possible. It's always easy to get caught up in rendering & detail so much so that the image starts to look static & lifeless.
Then i'll experiment with colours and textures/brushes (that i've created with traditional mediums) to drive home the overall mood & feel i'm going for with the illustration.
Final illustration

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