'Inking' opening night pics and the (so far) untitled mural!

Friday night was the opening of my solo exhibition and it was a fun fun time. Lots of friends, family and colourful characters. Thanks to everyone who came! I had a great time and it was cause you were all there. Here's some pics courtesy of Phil from the gallery (i'll post some more when i've collected them all, and you can also see some here)

On the night i started a live art mural on a spare wall in the gallery. I had no idea what i was going to draw beforehand and was kinda just trusting in the few glasses of wine i'd had to guide me.

This is how it's turned out when the night ended (with a little help from one of those colourful characters i mentioned earlier):

I still don't really know where i'm going with it, but over the next 3 weeks i will be in the gallery at various times working on it and by the 15th October i plan to have a finished mural. I'll be blogging the progress here as it happens so keep your eyes peeled.

I think this guy is gonna be cool.

"Do Not Touch"

We'll see...

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