Adding some colour...

On Thursday i went down to the gallery and worked on the mural for a couple of hours. Mainly spent the time adding in colour to the dude. I'm still getting the hang of drawing with chalk (don't think i've done it since school) and wanted to see how the colour would look if i did it similarly to how i would with pencils. Cause i'm using a lot of smudging i wanted to make sure i could come back an define everything well once the colour's added. Also changed some things here and there.

Still feeling out what the whole picture is going to be. It's pretty common that i'm not really sure what i'm drawing till i'm almost finished. If this whole thing were on paper i'd probably have erased a good deal more between this and my last entry. But as it's a big ass fucking wall it's forcing me to adapt a bit, which is good.

Check out the chalk pile on the ground. This'll look pretty cool by the time i'm done i'd wager.

Going up to Newy for a few days starting with the TINA Zine fair tomorrow. I'll post some pics of that when i'm back and more to come on the mural next week!

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