See the chalk piles grow!

I was at the gallery today, chalking away. Made a lot of progress on the mural, and thanks to the awesome chalk pastels that West got for me this thing is starting to look niiice. Seriously, how good are these colours? Spent most of the day adding colour and finishing off character number 2, otherwise know as "the green wrinkly guy/thingy". Plus a bunch of peeps came to visit me which was nice. Anyway, here are some progress shots:

Then i rubbed out the shoe and pants i'd done on opening night and started with another character on top. At this point i have a pretty solid idea of what i'm drawing, whereas until now i've just kind of been ad-libbing.

And that's where i left off for today. I'm really happy with the green guy, especially the colours of the new chalks (i think i'll end up adding some more detail to the blue guy). The wrinkles on the head look cool:

I'll be down at the gallery again tomorrow from 11 till 6 so please come by if you are in the area. If only to check out the cool chalk piles.

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